As kids return to school for a new year, there are things parents and guardians can do to help children succeed. One of the best tools for bringing up successful kids is the concept of building structure throughout their home life.

Below are the three key components to creating a structured home:

  1. Consistency – Doing the same thing every time regardless of circumstances helps kids discover the boundaries This goes for consequences and rewards equally.
  2. Predictability – Expecting or knowing what is going to happen reinforces behavior patterns. Once consistency has been established your child will know a negative behavior is treated as negative, and a positive behavior is treated as positive.
  3. Follow-through – If the follow through is consistent, and they can predict the reaction, they will be able to manage expectations. Enforcing the consequence/reward aids in future decision making.

These practices can start at any age, and can be part of everyday routines, such as getting ready for schoolwork, having a meal as a family, or getting ready for bed.