Men’s Health Awareness Month – Movember
November 1 – November 30

We’re addressing some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention. Let’s create positive change for men’s health by raising awareness and educating men.
Men often have more difficulty handling stress than women. Women typically draw on a larger support system and social network to confide in with personal struggles.

Men’s Physical Health
Preventive care. The following health checks could save a life:

  • Get an annual exam by a primary care provider, including blood pressure and height/weight.
  • Annually screen for testicular cancer, including monthly self-exams.
  • Get cholesterol testing every five years.
  • Screen for diabetes, thyroid disease, liver problems and anemia.

Get screened for prostate cancer  – our clinics are able to perform PSA screenings.

Call Care Eleven to learn more and make an appointment at one of our clinics to get screened or tested.

Show your support this month – No-Shave November or Movember
You’re probably already familiar with Movember, movements created to encourage conversations about cancer awareness among men. These events encourage participants to put down their trimmers for 30 days and think about donating their monthly hair-maintenance expenses to the cause. Many cancer patients lose their hair during diagnosis and treatment, and one way to show empathy and support is to grow awareness while growing mustaches, beards and full heads of hair.