Here are some practical tips to keep your family happy and healthy during the peak of the sun.

Beat the heat

  • Applying sunscreen just once won’t work; reapply it every 2 hours to protect skin from UV rays.
  • Wear eye gear with sun protection.
  • Make sure you consume enough fluids to keep hydrated. Water is the best drink.

Keep distance from bugs.
Summer outdoor activities are indeed fun, from hiking to forest camping; outdoors during summer are prone to bugs and insects that can cause severe skin irritation with swelling and painful sessions. Make sure to carry specific insecticides and insect repellent ointments to be safe while you enjoy the outdoor breeze.

Stay away from allergies and infections.
Summer is the season of skin rashes and allergies. So, added prevention is better to stay safe and rash-free all summer.

Practice water safety.
Cooling off at the pool or lake is a great way to get outside in the summer. Practicing water safety is crucial at any age. For younger kids, ensure they are wearing a well-fitted lifejacket and accompanied by a supervising adult. If you are out on a boat or other watercraft, be prepared with a lifejacket even if you are an adult.

Enjoy the fruits and veggies of summer.
Summer is a great time for fresh seasonal produce.  Take advantage of the great food that Mother Nature has to offer and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Keep up or begin an exercise program.
Aerobic activity is important for keeping the heart strong and healthy. If you only work out in a health club, take some time to do outdoor refreshing activities—hiking, biking, swimming, or tennis. Reconnecting with these activities can help keep your body and mind aligned.

Relax and breathe.
Take some space to enjoy yourself and appreciate nature. This is the season to slow the pace a bit and absorb the light that stimulates your hormonal message center.

Know your limit.
Fun in the sun is great…until it isn’t. Listen to your body and look out for signs of overheating or too much sun exposure.  Headaches, muscle aches, and general fatigue are all signs that it’s time to take a break, drink some water, and rest in the cool shade.

Enjoy your summer and remember these tips.  If you do experience any health issues or injuries, don’t hesitate to visit us any day of the week!