A New Year’s resolution is a tradition set every January 1st. The promise to continue good practices, change a behavior, accomplish a goal, or everyone’s favorite ‘lose weight’ are a few that are on top of the list.

Did you know that more than half of all resolutions made fail? 

Here are a few tips to achieve your goals.

  • Pick the Right Resolution. Make sure that it is relevant to your specific needs and that it is something achievable.
  • Create a Plan.  It is easy to think about the end goal, but you need a plan to get there. Take steps to build on your goals with small rewards along the way. Your plan should outline routines and daily tasks to achieve the ultimate goal. 
  • Make it Personal. Find the momentum that fits you.  If you are going from a sedimentary lifestyle, odds are that jumping into a five-mile run will only hurt the process.  Start with a walk and work your way up.  The small victories will reinforce your routine and make you actually want to stick with it.

Make sure that your goal is realistic and encouraging. Focus on what you are doing and your end goal. 

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